The Mail Online and The Mirror both used the phrase "hen-pecked" when referring to a man convicted of murdering his wife.
Olivia Fellows, 21, claims her Mini was written off in the incident.
Five marshals attended a speech by Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg.
A top London university’s student union has been criticised for creating a “hostile environment” for free speech for paying
What on earth is Katie Hopkins doing? No, not just "what" is she doing in terms of saying something outrageous (again) - part of her modus operandi to drive traffic - but in this case, why is she fraternising with far-right extremists and Holocaust deniers down in the Mediterranean and re-sharing their content on social media? And why is the MailOnline happy to give her a platform to do so?
I am always 100% in favour of a free, balanced and well-informed press. Sadly, the Daily Mail has once again slipped from those lofty ideals.
Professional provocateur Katie Hopkins has announced she is jumping ship from The Sun and will join MailOnline. SEE ALSO
Indeed the MailOnline itself has used the exact same image in the past in a column by Tom Parker Bowles abut Hawksmoor Seven
George Clooney has spoken about his recent spat with the Daily Mail, admitting that he finds it fun to knock the tabloid