Malia Bouattia

Those who seek to portray my generation as delicate flowers do so because they wish to preserve the freedom of expression for some, but not others. They believe that liberty should exist for the privileged, even if it's at the expense of the rest of us. 
The events of the last few days in the US have been truly horrific. The naked targeting of migrants and Muslims by the new
Friday marks Donald Trump's inauguration, a day many of us had never envisaged. For many of us, it is not just political - it is personal. As a Muslim, an African, a refugee, a woman and a socialist, I fear many of Trump's policies. Of higher borders and a no Muslim entrance policy, of lower corporation tax and casual misogyny. I fear their impact and I fear our future with the way our world leaders are shaping up.
Exclusive: NUS officer exposed in plot to oust leader slams her presidency as 'damaging'.
A vice-president of the National Union of Students caught in an undercover sting apparently offering to help oust the organisation’s
The latest revelation of an investigation into Israeli diplomat Shai Masot.
Brooks claimed there was a ‚Äútoxic level of debate‚ÄĚ surrounding the NUS. The NUS issued a statement saying it would review
A review into racism within the National Union of Students has revealed “considerable shortcomings, failings and naivety
But it won't deal with NUS president Malia Bouattia until she apologises for her 'anti-Semitic' behaviour.