The side effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are pushing hungry communities around the world over the edge.
The children were aged 1-5 and have been taken into protective custody.
We need to step up and a joined up, multisector approach will go a long way to ensuring that children in the UK have access to the nutrition they need to grow and develop so they can lead a fun-filled life.
A North Korean soldier who survived a hail of bullets during a desperate defection bid was riddled with parasitic worms, his
Every year I look forward to winter. For me it means wrapping up warm, bright lights and festive cheer and spending quality time with friends and family. However, for those working in the NHS, approaching winter can bring with it a sense of dread as services prepare for the flu season, among other challenges.
I started work this morning feeling disillusioned. A report had hit my desk that painted a very bleak picture of the state
With recent estimates revealing that chronic undernourishment still persists for at least 815 million people globally, this
Conflict, compounded by climate change, is a key driver of rising global hunger, according to the UN.
It seems that people have never been as interested in food as they are today. Our appetite to explore new cultures through