manchester bombing

Terrorist plots are escalating to the point of violence in a matter of days after a “dramatic” jump in the scale and pace
All the money donated and from ticket sales goes to the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund.
Ariana Grande’s One Love Manchester benefit concert raised over £2million in the three hours it was on air on Sunday (4 June
When I read about Sam's idea, I thought it was perfect - a positive, unifying and brilliantly Mancunian response. Not hundreds but thousands of people from all parts of Greater Manchester have signed up - old, gay, straight, people of all faiths and none. In future we will bump into each other down the pub and in the supermarket sporting our worker bees as a memory of this togetherness. The tattoos are going to raise considerable funds for the appeal but even more importantly they show that when our city is knocked down, we get back up, we stand together, we do things our way and we will not be divided.
Ripples of acknowledgement travelled through the crowd before many others joined in in great gusto. The song was a hit for