Workers are “terrified” after the government insisted construction and manufacturing can continue despite soaring infections.
Labour leader will order drugs companies to make products "affordable for all" if he becomes prime minister.
From architecture to biotech, batteries to space stations, we are only now beginning to see the revolutionary results of 3D printing...
Promotional feature from Sandvik
The man, who does not have a firearms licence, said he printed it for a university project.
One the world's largest manufacturers of batteries is set to launch a phone in June that has a 18,000mAH battery. This could mean the device could last six weeks without a charge, but it also means it's as thick as three iPhones.
The plan would deal a serious blow to Britain's post-Brexit manufacturing aims.
'Good education, safe jobs, decent pay – all through South African-German partnering.'
A commitment to negotiating to be part of a Customs Union would give the green light to UK-based manufacturers to stay, invest and recruit
A larger-than-life look into feats of manufacturing.
To cite Oscar Wilde, too many of us know the price of everything, but the value of nothing. Thankfully, transparency is now determining price tags much more than before and consumers will vote with their purses. Economics of scale state that it's the global companies who have the most capacity to foster systemic change, so let's hope that 'luxury' leads the way.