Maria Caulfield

Maria Caulfield refused to be drawn on Frank Hester's firm receiving £400m in NHS contracts.
She delivered the stark message while being interviewed on Sky News.
Maria Caulfield said she would "struggle" to support the under-fire Commons Speaker.
Rishi Sunak has made bringing them down one of his five promises to voters.
The Tory MP used a podcast to tell the prime minister where he was going wrong in his bid to reach a new Northern Ireland Brexit deal.
Junior doctors in England are set to go on strike for 72 hours next month in a row over pay.
Maria Caulfield said Rishi Sunak needs “time” amid reports that ministers are prepared to resign.
“This is an absolute slap in the face to the women of this country and suggests a complete disregard for their needs."
Pubs, clubs and cafes are shutting down, and a man has been arrested on the Isle of Man for refusing to self-isolate. Here's the latest.