The Ukrainian port city of Mariupol, destroyed by the Russian invasion, is pictured in ruins.
“I just want to go home. It’s my town, it’s my flat, it’s my friends.” Hanna Semenenko, who now lives in Oxford, has just returned from a trip to Kyiv.
Russian-controlled Mariupol is at least 80km from the frontline.
“It was really offensive to hear that, because I actually lived through it all,” Marianna Vyshemirsky told the BBC.
The health secretary said the shelling of the hospital was a war crime and promised: "Putin will be held responsible."
The UK outpost's allegation that the Mariupol maternity hospital was full of "radicals" was branded “fake news” by the culture secretary.
Ukraine fury as Putin's safe passages would take people to Russia and its ally Belarus.
The frontline of a conflict reaches further than where the shells drop