Mark Harper

The prime minister cancelled his talks with Kyriakos Mitsotakis in a row over the Elgin Marbles.
Mark Harper repeatedly refused to endorse the home secretary's claim that police have a left-wing bias.
“They weren’t examples,” Mark Harper told during interview. "I’ve got the original document. It's right here."
The Labour frontbencher also attacked transport secretary Mark Harper's "bonkers" Conservative conference speech.
Transport secretary Mark Harper was skewered over the prime minister's apparent deception.
Mark Harper claimed some councils want to control how often people go to the shops.
John Kay pointed out to Mark Harper that the scheme was first introduced by Boris Johnson.
He has been told to "get back to work" and resolve the long-running pay dispute.
"I am not going to take any lessons in solidarity from a Tory Cabinet minister who doesn’t understand what he is talking about," Mick Whelan fumed.