Mark Harper

Government "committed" to reopening schools on March 8, foreign secretary says, but he pushed back on backbench calls to end restrictions early.
The figures come as former Conservative Party chief Whip says Boris Johnson's top aide should resign.
Boris Johnson is leading the contest to become Britain's next Prime Minister after receiving 114 votes, well ahead of runner up Jeremy Hunt who got 43. Andrea Leadsom, Mark Harper and Esther McVey are out of the race after failing to garner enough votes. Further rounds of voting will whittle down the list of candidates until a winner is announced in late July.
Andrea Leadsom, Mark Harper and Esther McVey all eliminated.
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Brussels warned the UK: 'Please, do not waste this time'. Yet it's doing just that...
“If you’ve got nothing to hide, you won’t mind answering questions,” says Mark Harper as Johnson avoids scrutiny.
David Cameron is said to be considering making the job of immigration minister a Cabinet-level position and handing it to
Everyone knows that you shouldn't be allowed to write and publish anything if you have to resort to cliché. Which reminds me of the words of Keynes: When the facts change, I change my mind. What do you do, sir? Do you see what I did there?