Mark Harper

John Kay pointed out to Mark Harper that the scheme was first introduced by Boris Johnson.
He has been told to "get back to work" and resolve the long-running pay dispute.
"I am not going to take any lessons in solidarity from a Tory Cabinet minister who doesn’t understand what he is talking about," Mick Whelan fumed.
"So you can't name a single thing the government's done wrong?" Sophy Ridge asked Mark Harper.
Sources close to the former deputy prime minister said the allegation was not true.
The prime minister was accused of "dithering" over a report into Raab's alleged bullying.
However, the union's dispute with the train operating companies "remains firmly on".
The National Education Union has been urging its members to join the mass public sector walkouts over pay and working conditions.
Brendan Clarke-Smith told emergency workers on £32,000 a year using food banks to “learn how to budget”.
Transport secretary Mark Harper said one in 45 people in the UK currently has Covid-19.