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The issue has dominated Labour politics throughout the summer.
It’s become clear privatisation doesn’t work for the British people
Union chiefs say redundancies are 'unnecessary'.
The department for work and pensions is set to make more than 800 staff redundant, union chiefs say. A programme of office
This government is far from the strong and stable one we were promised by Theresa May. And while we are not there yet, with more of a concerted and unified campaign from the unions, I believe we can bring an end to the pay cap. But it must mean an end for all public servants and the pay rises that would follow must be pay rises across the board. Nothing else will be acceptable.
London has suffered a 68% reduction in community police officers.
Labour and union chiefs say Theresa May has questions to answer on emergency service cuts in the wake of terror attacks on
On Saturday I will be speaking at a protest rally. It feels good to be able to say that again, as it's something I've really missed over the last few months and this one is particularly special -- you might say it's close to my heart.
For me, living as normal a life as possible is very important. This week, for the fourth time I got the call to say there was a donor heart available and, for the fourth time, the operation was cancelled because the organ wasn't suitable. People who know me know I'm a resilient character, but there would be no point pretending I don't feel the strain of dealing with the rollercoaster of emotions that throws up  -  and particularly the impact it has on my family.
I don't know how long I'm going to be in here before my transplant, but my stay so far really has hardened my resolve to ensuring we defend our NHS with everything we've got. That means defending the services from budget cuts and privatisation. And it means defending the healthworkers who have been treated appallingly, with their pay and pensions slashed, their contracts ripped up and even hints now that foreign doctors won't be welcome in the UK in the future... We really can't say it often or loud enough -- our NHS is very special. The greatest achievement of a time of political optimism, when national pride meant public investment. Our health service is the envy of the world, we can't afford to let the Tories grind it down.