A drink called Stiffy's will be taken off the shelves after a complaint was upheld that it linked alcohol with sexual success
The harsh reality is that we live in a world where it's hard to find (and subsequently keep) a job, where benefits are shrinking, mortgages defaulting and rents and inflation are ever on the rise. We need to couple up, to lean on one another for moral support, not to mention split rent and utilities.
Against all previous form, I took part in a round of the X Factor this week. It was the familiar mix of competing styles and contingent emotion, followed by measures of first kind then merciless appraisal. My group didn't win: our blend of British "existential angst" with bold Brazilian overtones lost out and we were sent home.
Advocacy marketing hasn't arrived because it never left, but the Internet has enabled advocacy on an enormous scale, and brands are starting to wake up to its untapped potential.
Aston Martin was once again crowned Britain's coolest brand, having been voted top for the second year running in CoolBrands's
I awoke this morning to hear that David Cameron obviously learned absolutely nothing from Tony Blair. There are many of us who think the Cool Britannia campaign was the moment Blair's administration jumped the shark and lost all credibility, but Cameron certainly isn't one of them if his new 'Great' campaign for Britain is anything to go by.
I started a business. It made me want to drink copious quantities, smoke myself into oblivion and hit my head against a brick
Starting using social media isn't hard or a big deal. What is hard is keeping it going, staying consistent and being responsive. Social media is not just another broadcast channel -- it is a two-way touch point.
The appeal of danger to the public (particularly the younger sections of it) is among the oldest weapons in the marketing and publicity arsenal.
The modern brand must therefore cope with a Britain morally unwelcoming to rebellion and oversaturated with disruptive imagery. So how can brands remain fresh without being facetious?