Me Too movement

The ad is the latest in a history of controversial marketing ploys by the company.
Jury selection is scheduled to start this week in New York City.
Many key figures from the film world have been accused of sexual harassment, but the Madame X singer says it's also a problem in music and "all areas of life".
The movement encouraging women to speak out about sexual harassment appears to have little real-world impact for young people.
The new Gillette advert asks if men can be more while referencing toxic masculinity, the MeToo movement and bullying, and it has caused a stir. While some have praised the company for highlighting the issues as well as praising men for strength and friendship, others have criticised it for demonising masculinity. HuffPost UK takes a look at how men have been portrayed in advertising in the past.
This trial is an important symbol of the power of 14 months’ worth of #MeToo momentum
We need to stop encouraging a ‘snowflake’ approach to the teaching of current affairs, and instead tackle the harsh realities that we face
At a time when the news is plagued with cases of #MeToo and sexual assault, how can we tackle the issue if we can’t even establish what constitutes rape?
Burke, who started the campaign in 2006, was speaking at the TEDWomen conference in Palm Springs.