Five meerkats pups have started venturing out into their enclosure at Symbio Wildlife park, just over five weeks after their birth.
'Students must learn science in a way that allows them to build their repertoire of transferable skills.'
MeerKAT, which cost R4.4-billion, is part of a larger vision to grow radio astronomy in Africa. It will dovetail with the mammoth SKA – which will consist of around 3,000 linked radio telescopes.
We will be able to see a galaxy like our Milky Way five billion light years away, writes Imogen Whittam*.
A year ago, Meerkat was the breakout hit of SXSW, the annual festival in Austin focusing on the latest trends in media, music and film. Executives were lining up to broadcast live streams via the app and many were touting it as the next big thing. It was seen as the future of how content would be consumed and how brands would interact with their target audiences.
Working for a charity, I am explicitly told not to mix my politics with my work. And I get it, I do, but what has occurred
As SXSW 2015 draws to a close, and hoards of ad, media and tech people from around the world form lines at the airport check-in desks, it was another star studded year with lots of brands making noise, but only a select few getting the right attention.
Truly, we are living in strange and wondrous times. And if you want more proof, just take a look at Pamela Warriner's garden