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The first lady's expletive-laced comments about her holiday duties are coming back to bite her.
This year's White House holiday display features an "America the Beautiful" theme, with nods to women's suffrage and the Covid-19 crisis.
The first lady's profanity-laced comments about holiday decor come back to haunt her.
Melania Trump also broke her silence on the election result, by tweeting about 'illegal' votes.
The Late Late Show host doesn't think the Trumps know what social distancing is.
Donald Trump's son tested positive for coronavirus in recent weeks. He has since tested negative.
It comes less than a week after the president tested positive for the virus.
The president tweeted a video message saying that he was “going to pay a little surprise to some of the great patriots out on the street.”
Questions arise over the timeline of the president's illness, with doctors confirming his diagnosis came a day earlier than previously revealed to the public.
Here are all the ways things haven't gone well for the president.