Melinda Gates

The billionaire philanthropists have been married for 27 years.
Over the years game-changing research and development in the malaria field has given us long-lasting insecticide treated nets that protect millions of families every night.
Melinda Gates raised a timely alarm this week (Financial Times, Comment, 9th Nov 2015, "Investing in our families is a vital
Women around the world are still facing some of the worst discrimination imaginable. From child marriage to female genital mutilation and inexcusably high rates of maternal mortality, the list goes on. As we approach International Women's Day, it doesn't seem like there is much to celebrate.
2012 was a year when sexual and reproductive health hit the headlines in a big way. Sexual and reproductive health continues to cause passionate debate around the globe year after year.
Even in tough times Britons are a generous people, David Cameron said today, as he defended the UK's international aid budget
In reality no-one is "pro-abortion," but rather we, along with the mainstream populace of the vast majority of the developing world, are "pro the right to abortion." Each woman should be allowed and empowered to make her own decision as to whether she continues her pregnancy - according to her health, her morals, her religion, her resources and all the other circumstances she finds herself in.
World leaders will today discuss how they can tackle one of the biggest killers of teenage girls worldwide: pregnancy. According
I'm happy to admit I never expected to see Melinda Gates, David Cameron and Andrew Mitchell standing on a stage in London talking about the value of family planning - and even happier to admit I was wrong.
Bill Gates' annual letter is always an inspiring read and today's was no exception. As an international health charity, Merlin is thrilled at the positive impact the Gates Foundation has had - not just on those whose lives are saved or enhanced, but on decisions-made and donations given.