mens mental health

The BBC documentary explores the mental health and suicide crisis affecting young men.
Another week, we might be discussing the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s alarming new suicide report in abstract terms.
If they tell you that they're at risk of hurting themselves, don't be afraid to call in additional support. If you're worried they're about to harm themselves, you can call a local crisis team, or an ambulance. Getting in additional help doesn't make you a 'bad' friend, and it doesn't mean you're betraying their trust. Instead, it means that you're taking male suicide seriously.
For a lot of men, our way of coping with the problems we face is to embrace our manliness, we mock the things that scare us rather than deconstructing them, we create relationships with one another by teasing and engaging in a verbal kind of roughhousing.
After going on the course, it wasn't long before I was putting my skills into action. We'd had a report about a man drinking on a bench on a platform. It was late at night, he was alone, and there were no trains due to stop at that platform... Thinking back to that night, I believe my Samaritans' training was invaluable and changed the way I approached the whole situation.
Aubrey Allegretti is a news reporter at HuffPost UK. As part of Mental Health Awareness Week, Aubrey talks about his own experiences with anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts, and on why it's important for men to speak out about their feelings.
Men can often feel isolated and unable to tell people how they are feeling. Vulnerability is a crucial gateway to better mental health, and this is why Prince Harry's interview is so significant, making him a role model for men across the country.
bmm banner.jpg The NHS is going through its biggest financial squeeze in its history with spending per head set to fall in 2018. This week Philip Hammond has an opportunity to change that funding trajectory and start giving the NHS the funding it really needs. There is widespread speculation that the Chancellor may find a small amount of extra funding for adult social care. However as welcome as that would be, the real test for his Autumn Statement will be whether it delivers the investment promised to fully fund the NHS. Under the Tories our NHS is underfunded and overstretched. It's time to give the NHS the money it needs including finally ensuring parity of esteem for mental health services.
bmm banner.jpg Today is International Men's Day. CALM, Campaign Against Living Miserably, launches a new music project called 'Torch Songs', which invites any male musician to cover the song they go to for comfort and inspiration when life darkens.
bmm banner.jpg The very idea of 'being more like' a man is toxic. It echoes centuries old propagandist sentiments, doing your duty without question and obeying that other old lie of keeping calm to carry on. If every man is an island, then they are isolated.