Mercury Prize

He told the crowd: "F*** Boris Johnson, f*** everything and there ain't nothing great about Britain."
While Sampha has joined plenty of other star’s in their own studios, he recorded all of his solo music in his own house, until
Michael C Hall will give a special rendition of 'Lazarus'.
The Mercury Music Prize has announced plans to pay tribute to David Bowie during this year’s ceremony. Bowie’s last musical
This year's 12 'Albums Of The Year' have been revealed.
David Bowie’s final offering ‘Blackstar’ has bagged him a posthumous place on the shortlist for this year’s Mercury Prize
The struggle to articulate why one thing is more worthy than another can be a stimulating challenge that is helpful in my day to day role as a DJ and radio producer. But my involvement is just a part of the whole. And this is where the Prize takes on another element that I've often wondered about. One that you could say is a bit spooky.
I would say that if you look behind the music itself, it's a bold reminder of how much the industry is still changing, a celebration of artists who are doing it their way and a sign that new approaches and public-private partnerships are being welcomed as one way of sustaining the impact and distinctive edge of music made in the UK.