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The filmmaker’s adopted daughter leveled molestation allegations in her first TV interview.
That silence is diminishing every single day, and may this chorus of outrage grow ever louder
The actress adopted her son from an orphanage in India in 1994.
Mia Farrow’s son, Thaddeus Wilk Farrow, has been killed in a car accident in America. The 27-year-old was found inside the
Woody Allen's success with the ladies should be enough to put hope into the hearts of any average-looking, crumpled clothes
Liam Neeson has recalled the moment he was on set with Woody Allen, when the director received the call informing him Mia
While Ronan has stayed away from publicity throughout his life, he's been making his presence felt this year prior to the launch of his talk show.
Woody Allen has been heckled at a New York theatre over allegations that he abused his estranged daughter Dylan when she
The famously neurotic director has not been accused by anyone else of sexual assault, his loving wife Soon-Yi defends their relationship vigorously and he will probably never be charged, let alone found guilty of what he's been accused of. But between what has been alleged by Dylan and what we know of Soon-Yi, who among us will ever think of him in the same way again?