Middle East

The US secretary of state's comments follow the killing of three US troops by a drone attack in Jordan over the weekend.
The death of three US troops has sparked concern about further conflict in the Middle East.
"This was incompetence," Sky News' Trevor Phillips said.
It links back to Israel's ongoing offensive in Gaza.
Officials are worried Israel is seeking US weapons for a war in Lebanon, and analysts say an uptick in attacks tied to Iran risks ensnaring the US in a major conflict.
An expert tells us how Moscow's latest promise to help peace talks "cannot be trusted".
The Hamas-run Gaza Health Ministry says a massive blast hit a Gaza City hospital packed with wounded and other Palestinians seeking shelter, killing hundreds of people.
The Palestinian militants triggered a war when they launched an unprecedented attack on Israel.
They go back hundreds of years, but came to the surface in the early 20th Century.
Iran issued a warning about taking "preemptive" action against Israel on Monday.