minimum wage

Dave Lewis has been made a Sir for transforming the finances of the supermarket giant.
Policing minister Kit Malthouse said the government could only influence their wages through minimum wage increases.
Reports claim factory workers in Leicester are being paid less than minimum wage and operating without social distancing.
It comes amid claims workers were being paid less than the minimum wage and operating without social distancing in the locked-down city.
Government pledged £10.50 an hour within five years but Queen's Speech leaves get-out clause, saying rise will happen 'provided economic conditions allow'.
Mims Davies tells MPs she would "love" to see the threshold lowered.
In electioneering move, chancellor Sajid Javid plans to extend higher rate to 'millennials' too.
Staff handed overall wage rise but thousands face a pay penalty due to 'flexible' hours clause, says MP.
Twenty years since the minimum wage came into effect, the policy has stood the test of time – increasing the wage floor could one way to further tackle in-work poverty