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So far the Government’s approach to Brexit negotiations has involved a considerable amount of threats and complaints
'When something like this happens it just becomes the sole to make sure he is better.'
Nick Clegg and Miriam González Durántez have spoken in public for the first time about their teenage son’s battle with cancer
International trade lawyer tells HuffPost UK country only has 25 specialists, and needs at least 500
Though not everyone saw it like that. The UK could call on just 25 people to negotiate a 'Brexit' deal when hundreds of specialists
While businesses are starting to wake up to this challenge, it is clear from looking at the first of the statements to be published that there remains a long, long way to go. There is no one-size-fits-all easy fix. But some major companies are beginning to give a lead in implementing proportionate, practical policies. Others cannot afford to get left behind, and the latest decision from the High Court again highlights the risk. The human cost is simply too great. Plus, with the added legal, financial and reputational risks - and the spectre of new sanctions if companies do not act themselves - the business case for taking action is now compelling and urgent.
But BBC presenter Clare Balding was among many to defend her programme. In a pre-recorded interview, Mrs Gonzalez Durantez
Paying homage to those women and encouraging them to speak up and inspire the younger generations is precisely what we also do with the Inspiring Women Campaign and that is why I decided to support the WIE network (and yes, I am doing this in the middle of a general election - and no, it is not an oversight). Because no matter your age, your skills or your background, every woman has an inner role model and it is the duty of every woman of my generation to stand up for young girls.
If you weren't lucky enough to join Joanna Lumley, David Gandy and Malaika Firth on the guest list for the fifth Women: Inspiration
Do you want my alternative, semi-serious take on Ed Miliband's troubles, Nick Clegg's comeback and the George Clooney comparison? Here's the political week in 60 seconds.
Miriam Gonzalez Durantez has given a rare personal TV interview, revealing she doesn't understand the concept of women "having
While their worth may be trivialised by their ability to mask their partner's shortcomings, I think if we scratch beneath the surface, these women are every bit as inspirational as the women stepping into Parliament, and calling them leaders' wives doesn't diminish it one bit.
Public schools churn out "unimpressive" students who succeed because they are full of confidence, Miriam Gonzalez has said
Miriam González Durántez isn't just a top international lawyer - and she's a lot more than just the wife of deputy prime
While Quentin Letts frets that Nick would be unable to concentrate during Cabinet meetings for fear he has forgotten to pack his sons' PE kits, and Judith Woods asks why, 'if the children are such a priority', his wife has a job that involves traveling, I and many of my contemporaries applaud women like Miriam González Durántez for showing that there is a role for bright, successful women with families that extends beyond window dressing.