The two-stage liquid-fuel missile fired on Wednesday is potentially capable of striking targets as far as 13 000km
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has said an intercontinental ballistic missile fired during a test was a "gift" to the "American
Reassurances without evidence from institutions or politicians heavily committed to the renewal project hold little credibility in the face of clear and emerging technologies that could not only undermine the advantage of the submarine, but leave us with an expensive and destabilising system. We need to reopen the Trident Alternatives Review and do a better job this time.
Animations of the moment that a missile hit Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 have been released, showing graphic details of
North Korea has launched three short-range missiles into the sea off its east coast, South Korea's Ministry of Defence has
North Korea has removed two medium-range missiles from a launch site on its east coast, according to a US official. It is
The American military has successfully tested a 'scramjet' powered aircraft that reached the insane hypersonic speed of Mach
Tensions in the Korean peninsula went up another notch on Friday as North Korea told the British Embassy in the country that
North Korea has loaded two mid-range missiles onto mobile launchers on the east coast, South Korea's Yonhap news agency has
Council tenants are off to the High Court on Monday over Ministry of Defence plans to station surface-to-air missiles on