13 innocent civil rights demonstrators were killed.
The debate on Britain joining airstrikes against Daesh in Syria generated more heat than light with an exaggerated focus on their impact, for better or worse. The Ministry of Defence website records just one missile strike in Syria over Christmas. This skewed debate also overlooks the contribution of British soft power to defeating Daesh. Airstrikes and Shakespeare.
The Ministry of Defence has released footage of RAF Typhoons intercepting ten Russian aircraft during a single Baltic Air
As we remember the D-Day invasion, it is right to honour the brave soldiers, sailors, and 3,500 airmen who sailed the Channel and stormed the beaches. But we must also remember the many thousands of airmen who bravely faced horrendous odds and took to the skies in support of D-Day.
Five British servicemen killed when the Lynx helicopter they were travelling in crashed in southern Afghanistan have been
The Ministry of Defence needs to be more open about its use of unmanned aerial drones if it is to build public confidence
You see, when you make a film that's about rock 'n' roll, then you've set yourself a precedent. It has to be a great soundtrack... The perfect marriage that is pictures and sound working in a way that makes us what we are, human beings. With heightened feelings of love and the appreciation of beauty.
The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has drawn criticism for the way in which it cares for vulnerable soldiers. A coroner has called
Viagra worth £6,000 has been stolen from the Ministry of Defence. The theft of 100 bayonets has also been revealed among