Director of public prosecutions Alison Saunders is due to leave her post at the end of the year.
Conner was put on life support machine in intensive care: We knew the situation was very serious and grave. However, despite the horrendous circumstances we were in, Richard and I, and both our children, drew a lot of comfort from the way the hospital managed everything.
The decision to hand over the court interpreting contract to Capita is simply yet another example of the bull-headed belief that subcontracting out services to private firms always leads to a sleeker, more efficient service.
Universities have submitted a barrage of complaints over being subjected to Freedom of Information requests, after one was
Ken Clarke, the justice secretary, has published proposals to give divorced and separated fathers stronger rights to see their children as part of an overhaul of the family justice system.
Prisons in England and Wales are nearly full, the Ministry of Justice has said, partly due to the "significant rise" in people
The Ministry of Justice is to announce the end of the ban on cameras in law courts. Reports suggest David Cameron is preparing
Sentences for theft and handling stolen goods cases connected to last month's riots were higher than average, it has emerged
The Ministry of Justice has announced changes to community service guidelines which it says will see offenders performing