Judging from the media coverage of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations you'd think that the entire British population are ardent monarchists. Critical, dissenting voices were mostly ignored and sidelined. Journalistic balance and impartiality was supplanted in favour of fawning sycophancy towards the royals.
Today's public has access to their Queen unlike any other. She is a brand, and so the jubilee is the perfect opportunity to showcase some of the great work that our 'company' produces. For such a tiny island, the United Kingdom's track record in science and medicine is outstanding.
"Even the most ardent republicans respect the Queen". And with that statement so ends the debate. Ardent or otherwise, it is tough enough to get a discussion about ending the monarchy going, let alone begin a process that would actually bring about its demise. Conservatives, lower and upper-case c, appear to have this one sewn up as most of Great Britain celebrates her diamond jubilee, during which affection for the person will overwhelm any doubts about the institution. Not only is 'respect for the Queen' the default position in the media and politics, but in a recession the idea of something as unsettling as ending the monarchy can be dismissed as a waste of money and a priority of abyssal insignificance. However, in the long term it is anything but.
If we're measuring success in terms of opinion poll findings, there can be little doubt that The Palace goes into this weekend's Jubilee celebrations in rude health.
"We all have fond memories of 60 years of our Queen," Dermot Murnaghan smarms through my TV screen inaccurately. After retrieving whichever inanimate object now lies below the screen having found itself being hurled along with a range of colourful language towards the inane news man's grinning bonce, I reflect on what has been an annoying few months for me and millions of other Britons.
Bunting's a-hanging, patriotic picnics are planned, and 'union jack' is the colour scheme de-jour. On the run up to the Queen's
I was pretty pleased to read that Kate Middleton now owns Lupo the Cocker Spaniel puppy. Hurrah! More royal distinction for the humble Spaniel, which has long been overlooked in favour of the decidedly less regal-looking Corgi.
Prince Harry today chatted to armed forces comrades about the "nightmares" of remembering how to use all his kit when on
And so it begins. The 60th anniversary of the Queen's accession to the throne draws ever nearer and with it the inevitable hysteria and servile behaviour reserved especially for royal events. 6 February will be a Monday. It will also be the day of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. I will celebrate it for the former.
As long as we retain the absurd belief that these titles are inheritable by birth and not earned by virtue and talent (and frankly, our royals have rarely proved themselves to be either virtuous or talented) then we are going to continue to question the monarchy at times of heightened constitutional awareness.
The Queen should be replaced as Britain's head of state by the Speaker of the House of Commons, veteran Labour politician
Prince Harry has returned to the UK after completing a major exercise in the US flying Apache helicopters with the Army, St
Come on, there's nothing more British than being a bit industrious and turning a few quid, sometimes just for being British. Hugh Grant manages it, and he's as British as jam tarts and visiting prostitutes. So come on Queenie, get with the industrial revolution and make some dough in that age old British tradition.
Prince Charles may move the monarchy out of Buckingham Palace when he becomes king, according to a new book. BBC journalist
The first child of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge could benefit from planned changes to the rules on succession, even
Murdoch is groping in the dark. Wounded, confused but still believing he has power. Where once he summoned British Prime Ministers to his wooden towers in Ozland, he has been reduced to sit in humility in front of the lowest order of political class, the toothless backbencher committee. The King is being tried by the footmen. Power has shifted.