Business is a competition. As soon as you open your first business you're at the start of a huge race to the finishing line
The digital age is upon us, and has been upon for us for quite some time. No longer do we communicate with our mouths as we type down in a tiny messaging box the words that no longer reach our eardrums.
Google already knows which links are right and which are wrong. It could simply ignore those that are wrong in any algorithmic calculation and only count the good ones. Surely this is a better way of dealing with it?
Next time you're in your local pharmacy, take a detour to the men's shaving aisle. When you get there, scan the shelves in front of you. You'll see high-gloss packaging, lots of "Fusion" and "Turbo" and "Mach" brands. It's almost like you're in the Formula 1 pit lane, isn't it? The choice seems abundant.
To anyone who takes only a cursory interest in the tech world, it's quite hard to understand how Microsoft has gotten itself into quite such a difficult situation. They were giants and pioneers, and they had it all. They were shaping the world, and suddenly the world left them behind - fascinating and terrifying to watch all at once.
Traditional household chores lost out to self-satisfied domestic pets on Wednesday as it was announced the Monopoly iron
Hasbro has updated the UK version of Monopoly in order to "more accurately reflect the average British high street". Check
Is it just me, or does it seem rather strange, not to say inappropriate, to regard the provision of public services as monopolies that need to be broken up? And is it not a logical next step from this idea is to regard government itself as a monopoly that needs to be broken-up?
This is not incompetence or false-confidence. Rather, this is, in my opinion, akin to gangsterism. This powerful mob of secretive spivs used their unearned influence and wealth to enrich themselves to the disadvantage of others.
Late September holds a run of birthdays for me which means a whole host of present shopping. It's far too hot to hit the High Street right now so this week's Weekend Shopping List is strictly online only.