Housing, communities and local government minister Robert Jenrick has had a meteoric rise to the Cabinet, only becoming an MP in 2014. One of the ministers entrusted to deliver the daily coronavirus briefings, his short time in the inner circle of government hasn’t been without controversy. At the beginning of the pandemic, he was accused of not adhering to the guidelines but now a decision he made on a property development is being called into question by opposing parties who see a conflict of interest.
ANC MP Fezeka Loliwe is the third member of Parliament to be killed on the road since August 2017.
Her death follows that of Beatrice Ngcobo, also an ANC MP, who died last week.
"We are confident that she will continue serving the country and our movement in other capacities in future."
"This is indeed a very painful time for the ANC parliamentary caucus."
'This is indeed a very painful time for the ANC parliamentary caucus'.
Tracey Crouch has given birth to her first child. The Sports Minister and Chatham MP announced the news on Twitter, revealing
When talking about political engagement, the stereotype of the apathetic 18-24 year old is often mentioned. As an age group, we are less likely to be a member of a political party, less likely to vote in elections, and are less likely to even be registered to vote. Academics and politicians have cited various reasons for this, ranging from simple disinterest in politics to a total lack of trust in politicians and the system.
Ukip MEP Janice Atkinson has used an "outrageous" term for a Thai woman who is one of her constituents, calling her a "ting