Mr. Men

Roger Hargreaves' roster of beloved characters includes the likes of Mr Messy and Little Miss Sunshine.
  In 2017, illustrator Adam Hargreaves brought the Mr Men and Little Miss series bang up to date with the creation of Little
In the week leading up to World Book Day, parents are usually frantically trying to decide with their kids what book character
Farewell Mr Bump, so long Little Miss Brainy, it's time to move over for millennial Mr Men. Say hello to Little Miss Underemployed
"Mr. White live in a place called Drugland..." A tip of the (pork pie) hat to Jonny Lang and Jason Burke - aka Eager Beaver
Twitter's @JamieDMJ - aka Jamie Jones - has been at it again: For another example of his brilliance, check out this fake
Having gone to a comprehensive school in an area of considerable social depravation I can speak for talented teachers who were specially selected for their ability to maintain control and to enthuse their students with imaginative and inspired ideas.
Banished from Mr Men world, Andrea Dworkin style, the females of the 'Men' species apparently formed their own nation state in the early eighties, providing the various settings for the 'Little Miss' Books. But any thoughts of the establishment of a radical feminist utopia stop there.
Appearing on children's TV meant I had to control my urge to swear if I wanted to keep my job. After so many years the habit's kind of stuck. In the Shawshank Redemption Morgan Freeman continues to ask permission to go to the toilet even when he's freed from prison. That's a bit like me. I ask permission. Then I go to the toilet and swear like a f**king trooper.
This week saw the 40th anniversary of the 'Mr Men' books, written by Roger Hargreaves and an almost default inhabitant of bookshelves for generations of children.