Multiple Sclerosis

Ozzy Osbourne and his wife Sharon are reeling after their TV daredevil son Jack was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS
A major study into the effect of cannabis consumption on multiple sclerosis (MS) patients has concluded the drug makes no
At least 3,000 people in the UK with multiple sclerosis (MS) could benefit from the world's first pill for the condition
Coming from Australia, making the move to the UK to embark on the travels of a lifetime is a very exciting experience - one that I undertook in 2006. I still find myself sitting in my share-house in West London six years later.
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It is well known that sunlight is a reputable source of Vitamin D and that a mere 15 minutes of sun exposure can provide
Scientists have discovered 29 new gene variants that are implicated in multiple sclerosis, following the largest ever study