Muslim Brotherhood

A new Amnesty report paints a bleak picture of Muslim mobs smashing their way into Coptic Christian churches in Upper Egypt this August. The attackers, sometimes hundreds strong, beat up worshippers and church staff, stripped out all the valuables (right down to air conditioning units and electric cables) and then burnt buildings to the ground.
Dozens of Egypt's protesters have reportedly been killed by targeted shots to the head and chest, as the death toll from
The Muslim Brotherhood has denied multiple media reports that it is moving the bulk of its operations to London, after a
Even as the last discernible voices of reason start to abandon ship, Egypt's liberal secularists have yet to openly condemn their new government. Perhaps the imminent release of Hosni Mubarak will open their eyes.
I've discovered breath-choking similarity between a Curb Your Enthusiasm poster and the front page of an Egyptian magazine
The deposed former President of Egypt Hosni Mubarak could be released from prison imminently, cleared of corruption, engulfing
British tourists still flocking to Egypt Security forces clear mosque after siege William Hague has condemned Egypt's authorities
Egyptian security forces have reportedly cleared a mosque in Cairo inside which Muslim Brotherhood supporters were barricaded
British tourists are still flocking to Egypt for sunshine breaks - as hundreds of people are killed in violent clashes in
Egypt's 'day of rage' Hundreds of people - including four Irish citizens - are trapped in a mosque in Cairo as Egypt prepares