Muslim voters in the north of England have spoken of their fear and heartbreak at the re-election of a man who compared niqab-wearing women to letterboxes.
The Conservatives aren't serious about Islamophobia, because they can't even admit the scale of the problem, Hope Not Hate's Matthew McGregor writes.
And almost a third think Islam encourages Muslims to carry out acts of violence against non-Muslims.
The MCB will file a formal complaint against the newspaper, a spokesman said.
More than a third of the articles that were checked “misrepresented or generalised”.
Ferhan Khan knew he wasn’t like other people at school, never having an attraction to the opposite sex but with a traditional Muslim family and section 28 preventing teachers from discussing same sex relationships he had nowhere to find out about himself until university. What happened was a difficult relationship with his faith, which through time, has been rekindled and he now talks about this through advocacy work in schools.
“We need inclusive policy, processes and systems that support women to succeed in their careers rather than holding them back.”
People in positions of power have power through their views, actions and rhetoric. And tolerating racism from those in power only gives fuel to those on the streets to do the same.
The unity, warmth and heartfelt response that I have witnessed miles away from the UK has renewed my hope in leadership, and there being a way to pave the road for change
What happened in New Zealand may not have directly impacted non-Muslims, but the rise of white supremacist ideology will have drastic implications for anyone who isn’t white and male.