Schools are using unqualified teachers to cover lessons and prepare pupils for exams, according to a new poll. It suggests
The NASUWT has provided evidence of the scale of human rights abuses in this case to Government ministers and the Bahrain Embassy, yet Ministers here appear unwilling to challenge robustly the Bahraini authorities. Why?
A school in Wales has been evacuated after plumbers discovered high levels of asbestos in the building, prompting fears there
The issue over whether exams are being "dumbed down" seems to resurface every year come exam time. But now there are serious
Thousands of children are missing lessons as teachers in Nottingham stage a walkout over proposed changes to school term
Young people get the most out of apprenticeships if they carry out work experience or related vocational study beforehand
Pupils who make malicious allegations against teachers should face criminal charges, a union said on Monday. The NASUWT said
Children are being taught in classrooms that are too hot, teachers have warned. The NASUWT said that excessive temperatures
Teachers won millions of pounds in compensation last year after accidents, injuries, assaults and discrimination at school
Teachers at a secondary school went on strike on Wednesday, claiming that bad management has led to poor pupil behaviour