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The government's response to calls for the mandatory teaching of colonial and Black British history in schools has been labelled "incredibly disheartening".
My eldest child started school recently and it has been a time of great change and transition. For the most part he has taken
It's September and my social media is jam packed with photos of children heading back to school. For some, it is the very first time they will enter our education system. But what many of them don't know is that the jobs they will eventually find and settle into later down the line are not the jobs that exist today. 65% of children entering primary school this month will work in jobs in the future we don't even know about yet.
It's conference season again in the university calendar, so this week I am off to take part in a symposium about the 'datafication
In our everyday lives, we need to be creative. Things come up that we didn't plan for: problems we didn't imagine we would
The phrase 'back to basics' is widely used when things have gone wrong, become confused, entangled or over complicated. It's a very old saying and a particularly common one too. Very often it is used to instil confidence and trust in getting it right this time.
Gove saw the fallacy of New Labour's claim that knowledge had only instrumental value and took the opportunity to give a Conservative answer to the question what counts as knowledge which is now entrenched in Britain's educational policies and structures.
'We want our kids to be kids again and enjoy learning for learning's sake.'
Thousands of parents are calling on Nicky Morgan to drop the SATs tests children take in Year 2.  The petition was started
Lily Allen believes the National Curriculum should include lessons on the "dangers of marriage". The mum-of-two - who has