National Health Service

The US president is set to attend a banquet at Buckingham Palace with the Queen ahead of a NATO meeting on Wednesday.
Government decided against changing the law after it concluded voters did not believe Jeremy Corbyn's election claims.
Labour says the National Health Service is under threat but the Tories insist it's not for sale. Here's what really going on.
Nuffield Trust warns of "one of the bleakest winters in NHS history" as Labour accuses Tory ministers of a decade of cuts.
The prime minister's visit to Whipp’s Cross didn't exactly go well.
Prime minister accused of using visit for a "press opportunity".
Frances O'Grady also calls Boris Johnson a "lame duck" prime minister.
'Given the dangers, every possible step must be taken to avoid it.'
Imprecise use of medicine costs lives. If we can target drugs more effectively, we’ll deliver better outcomes for patients while making huge strides in securing the NHS’s future.
Obesity is projected to cost the health service around £10bn by 2050.