National Health Service

"These are places which are not designed for people to stay for a long time – they are not homes."
We need a heath service that delivers for everyone, whenever and wherever you need it
New technology could prevent heart attacks, strokes and dementia cases.
As temperatures plummet, HuffPost UK speaks to NHS staff about what it's really like to work through a winter crisis
In the midst of Brexit chaos, the health service is under huge strain, schools are falling apart, crime is on the increase, and climate catastrophe approaches.
Insiders say planned pre-Christmas launch is unlikely.
Doctors desperately need more time to care for their patients and we can’t reasonably expect them to work indefinitely under conditions of extreme stress compounded by technological inefficiency.
Second World War veteran has been celebrated for anti-austerity campaigning.
This long-term plan and historic finding boost is a wonderful and deserved birthday present to our NHS
Our population is growing, getting older, and presenting more complex mental and physical health needs. The NHS will not survive to its 100th birthday unless we do something drastic