Navy Seals

'Point a gun in my face' or 'make me carry it above my head for hours'? Prior to Hell Week I'd probably have chosen the latter, but after 48hrs of Israeli hell I was wishing someone would put a bullet in my brain to stop the suffering.
I've completed Ironman triathlons, raced in my countries team kit, cycled 9,000 miles from London to India, broken world records, taken part in European CrossFit competitions amongst other crazy sporting challenges. I'd survived falling 10m off a cliff face, I'd endured a 50mph bicycle accident, and suffered sickness in India like no other. How much tougher could this be?
Obviously, security needs to be impossibly high, when food and the world's most powerful man are concerned. There are even rumours of the White House's Chef Andrew being Obama's official food taster at public dinners, although I didn't see evidence of this when cooking for him.
“I think there’s a lesson in this… stay true to your heart, to what you believe in.” Peter Berg, director of both box office
One year ago Osama bin Laden was shot dead by US Navy Seals during a raid on his home in Pakistan. His death has brought
The gates outside the compound They are expected to be held in the home for another two weeks until they are deported.   Relatives
Osama Bin Laden was apparently buried in the waters of the north Arabian sea, but internal emails from intelligence service
The lair where al-Qaeda kingpin Osama bin Laden lived in secrecy before he was killed by US commandos has been razed to the
It is time for al Qaeda's upper echelon to consider a career change. The future is grim and time is running out.
Bin Laden doesn't belong to the Twitter and Face book generation. He is obsolete and his ideas don't appeal to anyone except the most narrow-minded fanatics who are a very small minority. He caused the death of thousands of Muslims.