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A neo-Nazi teenager armed with guns and explosives planned a repeat of the Columbine massacre by carrying out a terror attack
The youth branch of the far-right National Democratic Party (NDP) in Germany has sparked outrage after it sent out racist
A North Dakota town has become the focus for a known white supremacist, who has surreptitiously been buying property in the
German commentators have been tutting at the British government's hard line. But Germany needs to focus on its own, very serious racism problem which is being overlooked amid all the hype about its stable economy and well-organized social system.
A leading female member of an alleged neo-Nazi cell, accused of complicity in a series of brutal murders of immigrants in
In a sensational development the British National Party (the UK's neo-Nazi-alike to Greece's Golden Dawn) has denounced the United Kingdom Independence Party as tools of the Jews, sorry Zionists. In this one move the BNP has taken away a major line of attack against UKIP for the UK's Conservative Party and Prime Minister David Cameron.
"A mum had her baby taken off her just an hour after giving birth – because of her violent boyfriend’s links to a neo-Nazi
The word 'fenian' has long been a sectarian term of abuse for Catholics in Northern Ireland. Its use is deemed to be increasingly shocking amongst many. It is a word stuffed with history, hardened down the ages.
A former soldier accused of being a neo-Nazi has reportedly turned himself in for questioning over the shootings that have
Nazis are on the move in Europe. This is not ancient history. Just a few days ago approximately 1,500 Latvians paid tribute to soldiers who fought in Nazi Germany's Waffen SS divisions. The counter-protest held that day was small in comparison.