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The footage sparked concern over excessive force.
Six seconds of controlled explosions wiped out the remains of the Morandi bridge in the northern Italian city of Genoa on 28 June. The demolition paves the way for the building of a new structure, after the dramatic collapse that killed 43 people in August 2018. Engineers used some 550 kilograms of explosive to tear down two towers of the bridge, as cannons shot water over the 40000 tons of steel and concrete to prevent huge clouds of dust engulfing the city.
The shadow equalities minister said the PM must use the rest of her premiership resolving outstanding Windrush cases.
The rising death toll prompts UN concern that the country is sliding into a “human rights abyss”.
She attributed her long life to a nightly tot of whisky.
'[They] can contribute to inequality in society, with costs for all of us.'
The group's Lewisham branch plan to 'swarm' roads during rush hour on Friday.