Nicola Roberts

Best friends Cheryl Cole and Nicola Roberts enjoyed a festive night out on Thursday when they rocked out at Rihanna's London
Sarah Harding has opened up for the first time about her messy pre-rehab life. The Girls Aloud singer was known for her love
Looks like Nicola Roberts can't keep her love of colours under wraps for long. After showing up at the Film InStyle event
It's always nice when your friends turn up to support you in your latest endeavour, especially when they wear something nice
Nicola Roberts arrived at an album signing for her debut solo offering Cinderella Eyes wearing a jumper to match her mood
Cheryl Cole has a penchant for enormous hair (proven beyond a doubt by her US X Factor lion's mane) but her enormous beehive
Nicola Roberts turned up on Loose Women yesterday wearing this orange wide-leg jumpsuit, but was the singer on trend or wide
There's not many a singer who could get away with red hair, red nails, a pink corset and purple heels but Nicola Roberts