Delivery nurse Tara Drinkard told the new mum, "Guess what? ... My sister is a twin and we are both going to be in your delivery.”
A quarter are concerned for their job if they ask for more time off.
We want to feel normal just like everyone else, we want to feel as though society sees us as equals to every other parent out there
I struggled to see what he really looked like with the wires that covered his entire body. Instead, I watched my baby fight for his life
It very much a nature vs science argument. I think if the outcome with the human trials is as successful as it has been then it will revolutionise premature births. We would potentially have to revaluate how NICU departments are run to accommodate this when it is ready to be used but this may be a positive thing.
When I went in to give birth to Elijah, I didn't just become a mum, I became a NICU Mum. This was not in the birth plan. I never considered in a million years that there would be something wrong with my baby, let alone I would watch him fight for his life in the Neo Natal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) for nine days before we could finally bring him home.
When will I learn? I made the mistake of watching One Born Every Minute today. Sometimes it has no effect on me at all but I must be tired because I cried and it wasn't even a really emotional one.
It wasn't until Samuel turned three that I felt strong enough to speak about our journey - a journey that five years on still continues. Through our stories I find comfort that I am not alone and that there are mums and dads who understand.
If anything was to go wrong I wanted to be at a hospital where I knew and trusted the neonatal services. Little did know that six months later I would be walking through their doors as a NICU mum and that I would hardly recognise the medical environment where I had once worked.