Nikki Haley

Critics on social media scratched their heads over the former president's latest comment.
“If either one of them was good, I wouldn’t be running,” Haley told CNN's Dana Bash.
“No matter what it is, chaos follows him,” Haley told Face the Nation host Margaret Brennan. “Rightly or wrongly, chaos follows him.”
But another Republican woman might be in the running.
The former president appeared to confuse his 2024 GOP rival with former House speaker Nancy Pelosi at a New Hampshire rally.
The former UN ambassador said "rightly or wrongly, chaos follows" the former president.
"Now he sees me as a threat and he’s singing a different tune," the Republican presidential rival said.
“The next debate I do will either be with Donald Trump or with Joe Biden," Haley said.
He’s fueled lies about Barack Obama, Ted Cruz, Kamala Harris and now Nikki Haley not being natural-born Americans. What do they all have in common?
The Republican presidential candidate faced an internet pile on after she declined to say slavery was the cause of the Civil War.