The latest episode of our Am I Making You Uncomfortable? podcast looks at our relationship with nipples, with artist Emma Low and Coppafeel's Clare O’Neill.
Nipples: some people have small ones, others have big ones, some people’s are a little hairy, while others have lots of bumps
A mum pranked her “gullible” daughter into believing her nipple had dropped off after falling down the stairs - and we can’t
'Whoops'... But of course, this was by no means the last time the Internet sensation would make an appearance on Instagram
Social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram are well known for their lack of tolerance when it comes to women and their
Female breasts, depicted in a non-sexual way, by a female artist, are not allowed. In other words, if women's breasts and nipples are not in service to babies or men, or have not suffered cancer, if they simply exist on a woman's body, they must be covered.
Why do men have nipples? The answer is simple: because they used to be female. Now lads, before you spit out your pint of
Actress-turned filmmaker Lina Esco is the creator of the hashtag as well as the soon-to-be-released film of the same name
It was inevitable really. Some curious iPhone 5s users have been experimenting with the capabilities of the new devices innovative
Saturday 16 Feb - Valentine's weekend for many, operation number four for me. This time as part of the breast cancer reconstruction they were going to tackle as much of the symmetry issues as possible and hopefully give me a new nipple - it was a pretty big day, who doesn't want a nipple for Valentine's?!
An image of a tattoo on the chest of a breast cancer survivor is going viral on Facebook - because the social networking
Facebook has apologised and reinstated a picture it had banned, after its moderators apparently confused a woman’s elbows
UPDATE: So Facebook DOES Know The Difference Between Elbows And Nipples... Blonde In Bath Picture Is Reinstated A web magazine
A breastfeeding baby doll which makes suckling motions and noises has hit the American Christmas toy market. The Breast Milk
As my friend James pointed out, I'll probably never drown. I will have my own built-in buoyancy aid, like a life raft just ready to go should I ever need it. My own mini dinghy boob. Brilliant. Bond would be proud.