no platform

Former home secretary was no-platformed just half an hour before she was expected to speak at an International Women's Day event.
And there's a big difference between 'no platforming' and 'safe spaces'.
Yet others disagreed. A leading National Union of Students officer has claimed "some people have more equal rights than others
The move has sparked fresh debate over freedom of speech.
However, it was reported that the decision to withdraw the invitation came before Boris Johnson had accepted the offer. A
An atheist charity has issued a series of scathing tweets directed at "insecure" students who create "safe spaces" at university
The controversy surrounding Assange is complex, and whilst his retreat is not to be held as conclusive evidence that he is a rapist, his refusal to return to Sweden, for whatever reason, is certainly ironic when he is speaking at an institution that prides itself on the promotion of free speech. His self-imposed imprisonment represents a denial of exactly that.
Last week I heard Julie Bindel speak at Challenging the Campus Censors. She was charismatic and funny and she's spent decades campaigning against violence towards women. I feel privileged to have heard her speak - it's not an opportunity everyone gets.
To "platform" a view is not to legitimise it. Only the responses to a view can do that. It is my firm view that "platforming" obnoxious beliefs actually helps to delegitimise them, in so far as the sheer repulsiveness of a view becomes obvious when shown in a public arena. I remain convinced that bigotry can never be based on facts, and that is why I am proud to propose the motion.