Microsoft has announced that it will be axing 7,800 jobs and taking a $7.6bn loss as the company looks to distance itself
Nokia hasn’t had a hit phone in a while - and the glory days of its 1990s dominance seem like they happened in a different
This year has seen technology take several pivotal leaps and bounds, from the introduction of next-generation games consoles
The Nokia Lumia 930 is out now on various carriers for £349 (PAYG) or on pay monthly contracts. Key Features: 5-inch 1080P
Microsoft has announced that it will axe 18,000 jobs over the next year marking the largest single set of redundancies at
Mobile phones back in the 1990s didn't have apps. They didn't have the internet. They didn't have 3D games, cameras, built
In 2007 Nokia paid millions in ransom to a hacker who had gained access to their Symbian operating system. This incredible
Nokia has built some wireless-charging trousers. That's right, they're trousers that'll wirelessly charge your phone as you
First Samsung announced it was totally rebranding Heathrow Terminal 5 by adding a "Galaxy S" in the appropriate spot. Then
While not without its challenges, crowdsourcing can help leaders revive an ailing organization, engage employees, and support a culture of continuous improvement...but only if they do so with sincerity, humility and patience.