"On our second sext date, when Étienne revealed that he wanted me to penetrate him with my dildo, I was ecstatic."
A family therapist tells HuffPost UK around 60% of young people treated at their clinic request their pronouns are changed.
"It was quite a reality check," the former The Crown actor admitted.
“It’s about everyone being able to feel acknowledged and represented.”
Laws restricting abortion rights and trans rights are inextricably linked, advocates say.
"This whole thread is simply queerphobic, and that’s that."
A guide to talking about pronouns in the workplace, and helping trans and nonbinary co-workers feel accepted and respected.
In this film we follow boylesque and burlesque performer Mark Anthony as they undergo top surgery and perform for the first time in the body that reflects how they identify. The performer is a trans-masculine non-binary drag king who identifies as neither male nor female. Under the UK’s 2004 Gender Recognition Act, Mark’s gender doesn’t legally exist.
From online forms that only let me define as male or female to waiters calling me ‘sir’, every day I’m reminded of my otherness. Here’s what needs to change.