North Korea

The Palace confirmed that the Queen had passed on her 'good wishes' to the repressive regime.
The country fired two ballistic missiles towards the Sea of Japan, according to South Korea on Wednesday.
North Korea says it successfully test fired newly developed long-range cruise missiles.
“He’s fit, he’s fun and he’s fascist!”
Trump's aides were "stunned" by the offer to the North Korean dictator.
The actions were likely an effort to prevent a coronavirus outbreak, South Korea’s military said on Thursday.
The North Korean leader wrote that he was "pleased to have formed good ties with such a powerful and preeminent statesman as Your Excellency".
South Korean officials said the building, just north of the border, had been destroyed.
The secretive state of North Korea has claimed it has had no cases of coronavirus – but experts say that is very unlikely to be the case. So how has the global pandemic affected the country? Despite strict border controls and enforced quarantining measures in place, the country’s poor healthcare system would spell disaster if a widespread outbreak were to take place. Managing editor of NK News, Oliver Hotham, tells us more.
The dictator – who had recently missed the country's most important holiday – reportedly attended the opening of a fertiliser factory.
The dictator has now missed two major events, fuelling speculation about his health.
US sources say the North Korean leader is in critical condition, but South Korea is telling a different story.
Reports state that the leader has had heart surgery and is “gravely ill” following the procedure. Kim has been the dictator of North Korea and of its nuclear arsenal since his father, Kim Jong-il passed away in 2011.
Reports that the dictator had undergone a cardiovascular procedure came amid speculation over his health, after he missed a key event earlier this month.
Critics say Harry Harris' facial hair is reminiscent of the look sported by officials in the Japanese colonial government that ruled Korea from 1010 to 1945.
But Donald Trump has insisted Kim Jong Un "signed a contract" so everything will be OK.
The propaganda stunt came days after nuclear negotiations between North Korea and the US fell apart.
The former national security adviser said Trump's lying ... again.
Trump's visit to the North is the first by a sitting US president.
About North Korea
North Korea is led by Kim Jung-un. In December it launched a long range rocket, defying warnings from the UN and Washington. In April, North Korea defied international warnings by launching a similar rocket, however the craft disintegrated seconds after launch, causing considerable embarrassment to the regime.