northern lights

The temperature has plummeted this week and put HuffPost UK Lifestyle in the mood for log fires, squashy sofas and big glasses
Capturing the Northern Lights has long been a pilgrimage for photographers hoping to document one of the most astonishing
The northern lights cloaked the night skies of Scotland, creating this dazzling display of ethereal light on Monday. Captured
Silhouetted against a dazzling backdrop of the Northern Lights, this diver appears frozen in time in the bitterly cold waters
Two huge solar flares hit the Earth this week, resulting in dramatic auroras that could be seen across the northern sky. Nasa
Sleeping under the stars, particularly when they look like this, is something most people can only dream of. But for photographer
The crew of the International Space Station clearly have the best views of any workplace. Flying around 240 miles above the
The spectacle of the northern lights brimming over a snowy hilltop makes this shot look like heaven on earth. Snapped by
Source: Barcroft Media Like a green ghost curtain in the night sky these epic shots show the northern lights at their most
Fairytales may have been around the block a few times, but renowned children's author Philip Pullman is set to be the next