A couple’s seafront pregnancy photoshoot was interrupted by an unexpected wave - and an even more unexpected naked swimmer
Last week a friend invited me to a naked restaurant. A bit of me thought it would be fun while other bits were afraid of the exposure. The friend, who I dated years ago, told me not to worry though, that 'we'll all be in the same boat.'
Naturists believe the human body was not designed to be wrapped up in clothes - they live their lives in the nude, and more
Holkham Beach and the surrounding bay is arguably one of the most beautiful beaches in England, and certainly one of the
Nudists in San Francisco decided that the best way to protest against legislation banning public nudity was to... get naked
The man dubbed the Naked Rambler is due in court for sentencing on Thursday after being convicted of a breach of the peace
A man who rambled through a popular beauty spot naked except for a backpack, boots and a baseball cap has been fined £315