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The BBC I’ve worked with for decades isn’t institutionally racist. But the Politics Live controversy shows some there don’t see Jews as a minority, writes Gaby Koppel.
When their jobs have been hit hardest and they’ll bear the scars longest, our youth deserve better than this government is willing to offer, writes Labour MP Yvette Cooper.
Splitting the country into an older, vaccinated group allowed back in society, and young people stuck inside awaiting jabs? We could not call that freedom, writes Jay Patel.
I fear for our party’s future if we help stop a meagre corporation tax rise that would only affect the rich, writes Labour MP Ian Lavery.
It's troubling that a government minister can say what they like with impunity, writes HuffPost UK editor-in-chief Jess Brammar.
The Church of England is willing to play its part by selling land and property. Now the government must play its role and stop thinking so short-term, Archbishop Justin Welby and Bishop Graham Tomlin write.
Despite Johnson’s four-step plan, wedding suppliers and couples alike need a clear, dedicated plan to survive the next few months, writes Ella Delancey Jones.
Starmer’s speech had something for all Labour members to agree with. But it wasn't the earth-shattering intervention we need, write Ian Lavery MP, Jon Trickett MP and former MP Laura Smith.
There aren’t many ways healthcare has improved during this crisis. But helping women access safe, effective abortion care from the safety of their home is one, writes BPAS' Clare Murphy.
While students and staff struggle through a pandemic, Gavin Williamson is spending his time confecting culture wars, writes UCU general secretary Dr Jo Grady.