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Our government’s uncooperative approach with the EU will have real consequences for our living standards and public services. And the deeper the rift, the higher the taxes we will all pay, writes Ian Mulheirn.
The media industry is toxic for far too many people from under-represented groups. Leaders like the Society of Editors have to get a grasp of the issue now, writes journalist Marcus Ryder.
Caring doesn’t mean you’re slavishly obsessed with royal news. It means you care about institutional racism, mental health crises, and holding power to account, writes Holly Thomas.
Meghan speaking openly was an important moment for people of colour. But her feelings have been ridiculed in ways it simply wouldn’t be for a white person, writes Kimi Chaddah.
Thanks to funding from Black Lives Matter UK, our charity can finally research the full extent of abuse against Black women and girls, writes Sistah Space CEO Ngozi Fulani.
Health issues are a deeply private experience, and you’re not entitled to know, writes Rachel Charlton-Dailey.
We must end the farcical factionalism and unite around a common vision of hope, writes Labour councillor and mayoral candidate Anthony Lavelle.
We can no longer afford to treat obesity as a matter of personal responsibility or scorn ‘nanny state’ efforts to turn the tide, writes former Labour deputy leader Tom Watson.
From jobs to welfare to childcare and domestic violence shelter funding, we desperately needed a Budget to help out women. This wasn't it, writes Ebyan Abdirahman.
If Sunak truly wants to rescue the economy he should steer away from his party’s legacy of punishing austerity, not reinforce it, writes Harriet Williamson.